About Rotten Mind Tattoo

This is Rotten Mind Tattoo

Name – Aron Evans

Age – 28

Nationality – English

I started my career as an apprentice back in my home town Telford, Shropshire. I did a traditional old school apprenticeship lasting three years where I learned everything from applying a tattoo stencil to building and tuning tattoo machines. I started tattooing myself as practice and then moved on to friends and family. Once my mentors felt comfortable in the work I was producing I was finally allowed to tattoo my first paying customer. A few years later I am still progressing and trying to improve my work daily.

Tattooing has and always will be art.

Having the privilege to put beautiful artwork permanently on to peoples bodies is one of the many things I love about being a tattoo artist. Being part of the tattoo community gives plenty of opportunities to travel around the world and exchange ideas and knowledge with other tattoo artists. This, along with new technology, means you can now create more intricate and detailed pieces giving you more freedom than ever before.

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