Get your dotwork tattoo in Stockholm from me

I can make you a dotwork tattoo in Stockholm that you’ll be able to wear with pride!

Dotwork tattoo
Mandala dotwork tattoo

What is a dotwork tattoo in Stockholm?

A dotwork tattoo in Stockholm, or dotwork tattoos in general for that matter, is a type of tattoo which is created by combining many dots. It is most common to use black ink, grey ink, or in some cases red ink for these types of tattoos. Dotwork tattoos works great with most designs and styles of tattoos, but one of the best and most used ones are mandala tattoos.

Get your dotwork tattoo from me

It is a good idea to get your dotwork tattoo in Stockholm from me! I have been working with these types of tattoos for many years and do therefore master the technique like few others do. Also, since mandala tattoos are some of my favorites to work with, so are dotwork tattoos because, as mentioned before, this a very common technique to use for mandala tattoos. That being said, of course I can also help you with dotwork tattoos of other types.

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