Fine line tattoos are some of my favorites

Fine line tattoos is one of the styles which I like to focus on the most.

Fine line tattoo
Fine line tattoo 2

What makes fine line tattoos different?

The fine line tattoo style has been made possible due to the technological advancements in the world of tattooing. This has given tattoo artists access to machines which can be used to create tattoos with extremely detailed designs. Precisely this is what characterizes fine line tattoos, meaning extreme levels of detail in the shape of distinct and very thin straight or curved lines. In many ways, fine line tattoos have such a high level of detail that they resemble the results that you can get from using a technical pen on your skin or a piece of paper.

Another distinct feature which characterizes fine line tattoos is the lack of graduation when it comes to shade and/or color. Form and outline are instead what matters when it comes to these tattoos.

I specialize in this style

If you want a fine line tattoo, then you have much to gain from letting me do it for you. As previously mentioned, this is one of the styles that I put my main focus on. To create as fine and detailed lines as possible, I use smaller needle groupings. This allows me to make fine line tattoos with a very high level of detail. Try my services and you will see it for yourself!

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