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Flower tattoos – Some of the most popular

Flower tattoos have a history which goes as far back in time as tattooing itself. This is not surprising since flowers have been popular symbols pretty much since the dawn of time.

The meaning of a flower tattoo can vary greatly depending on what type of flower the tattoo depicts. One of the most common ones are roses. The symbolism of rose tattoos has changed drastically throughout history though, while today it varies a lot depending on the color of the rose. A red one is for example, among other things, associated with love and passion. A pink rose can represent everything from feminine beauty to appreciation and respect. A yellow flower of this kind can be representing joy and happiness. In other words, there are almost as many depictions of what a flower tattoo can represent as there are different types of flowers and designs.

Let me make your tattoo

If you want a flower tattoo to be proud of, then let me do it for you. Flower tattoos are one of my favorite styles to work with. During the years that I’ve worked as a tattoo artist I have developed my own unique style when it comes to these tattoos. This means that I can give you a flower tattoo with unique features. You can also rest assured that I pay great attention to even the smallest of details while putting great emphasis on creating fine lines. Your flower tattoo will therefore not only be unique, but also look amazing!

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