Let me give you an ornamental tattoo to be proud of

I can do a unique and customized ornamental tattoo for you which will stand out from other tattoos of this style.

Ornamental tattoo 1
Ornamental tattoo 2

What are the characteristic features of ornamental tattoos?

The most distinguishable feature of an ornamental tattoo is the fact that a tattoo of this kind looks like a carving on a person’s skin. Ornamental tattoos also consist of clear lines and different shapes and symbols which together form a certain pattern. Common examples of such shapes and symbols include waves, crosses, spirals, and bundles. In many cases, these tattoos depict the sun, the moon, the ocean, or flowers. Ornamental tattoos symbolize protection and have a history that goes as far back as the Roman Empire. They also play an important role in Polynesian culture.

I’ll make you a special tattoo

I have been working with ornamental tattoos for many years now and have a profound knowledge of them and what it takes to make one so special that it will be easy to distinguish it from most others. One of the reasons for this is that clear, fine lines play a very important part in these tattoos, something which is one of my specialties. Contact me for more information!

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